October 2018
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Amendments, deletions or additions to all judges’ information should be notified to: Judges and Presenters Secretary: Ed Cloutman EFIAP  Tel: 01446 751686  email: judgepresent@thewpf.co.uk

I know there are quite a few paragraphs below to be read, but PLEASE take a little time to read them ALL, as the information is important and will help you to understand the system.

A Standard Booking Form giving details of the judging event can be found here (it will appear as a link at the bottom of your screen).  Please use it as it has all the relevant information on it.  Remember it may be many months before the event takes place so a record of the agreement is invaluable.  See also Judges Guidelines and The Role of the Club here.

Judges Assessment Forms – Please could you nominate a reliable and impartial member of your CLUB to REGULARLY fill in the Online Judges assessment form.  They do not need to be a committee member. Your feedback is valuable for both the judges and the WPF in maintaining and improving high standards. Responses are treated in strict confidence. Constructive criticism will be passed on to the judge. All Judges are subject to Welsh Photographic Federation Annual Renewal. The WPF reserves the right to remove Judges from the list.  A STAR system has been introduced to help you and us monitor judging so it is most important for this to work that you regularly return your comments to us –  good or bad.  *****HOST CLUB ONLY TO SEND IN A RETURN IN THE CASE OF BATTLES – THANK YOU!*****

 Judges will be sent a chart about every 6 months showing the returns that clubs have made on their behalf.  It is the responsibility of the judge to pursue clubs and to ensure that they get all their returns. 

Judges:  If you have any high praise or complaints about the way you have been treated by any club, or have any useful suggestions on how clubs could make your evening with them more pleasurable, please email me at the WPF at the address above.

Judge Codes:  You will see codes which give the judge’s preferences.  This is only a guide.  Most judges will cover any topic.  The codes in red show a judge’s speciality (a subject that they specialize in with their own photography).  Please would judges email me if they would like any of the codes altered.

Star Rating System: The star ratings are based on a minimum of three assessments from clubs, which is why it is important that clubs regularly fill in the online forms. I shall only show three stars and above.  Judges with an exclamation mark (!) mean that I have not received enough data to issue a rating and they appear on the Supplementary List.  Judges with  a majority of two or one star assessments, will be moved to the Supplementary List and I will ensure that these judges get the support they require to get them back on the main list.  All new judges will start on the Supplementary List, and will move to the main list on attaining at least three three-star ratings. We value ALL our judges; they give up their spare time so that members can have their work critiqued. We do realize, however, that occasionally some further training would be helpful. There will be a blue star alongside International Judges (those who have judged in three or more Internationals and have an International distinction).

Attendances: You will see two numbers before the star rating.  The first number is the number of returns that I have had for that judge, and the second number the number of different clubs the judge has attended.  This will hopefully make more sense of the star rating system, thus if a judge has five stars, and they have had three returns, but they are all from the same club you will see the number 3,1 which will not rate as highly as 3,3 where the three returns are from three different clubs.

* = Poor   ** = Below Average    *** = Competent     **** = Good    ***** = Excellent
* = International     ! – no rating available as yet.

Please will judges remind clubs, on the night, to fill in the Assessment Forms, so that you get your feedback.  Useful and constructive comments will be published occasionally in Newsflash.

PLEASE CLUBS: introduce the judge properly an

 LIST OF WPF APPROVED JUDGESd try and take 5 minutes at the most for notices on nights when you have invited a judge or speaker.  I have had quite a few complaints about laborious starts to meetings with notices taking over 15 minutes.  This is not fair on the judge/speaker, who should have timed his/her  evening to your start and finish times.

# = A judge who is not a member of a WPF Camera Club.

Categories:   A  architecture; AV audio-visual; C creative; CA candid; D dereliction; DR darkroom; F fashion; G glamour; L land/seascape; M monochrome; MC macro; O open: P portrait; PJ photo journalism; S Studio; SL still life; SP sport; T travel; W wildlife/nature.


Bennett, Dave  (Gwent)  01495 762 878  benvendetta54@gmail.com : A  C  L  M  O  SL  SP  T  W  19,13 *****

Carter, Brian (Mid Glam)   01443 432 519 / 07807 055 369  brian.carter@yahoo.com :   4,2 *****

Clatworthy, Mike (West Glam)  07986 132 161  mikeclat@hotmail.co.uk  L  M  P  O  SL  9,7 ****

Coleman, Brian, AFIAP, AWPF, FWPF  (Glamorgan)  01656 658 486 / 07886 472 132  briphil49@btinternet.com : A  C  L  M  O  SL  SP  T  W  *  27,18 *****

Cox, Jennifer, BA (Hons) Photography, ARPS  (Cardiff)  02920 811 282  jen@jennifercoxphotography.co.uk : A  C  L  M  O  SL  T  13,11 *****

Cullis, Mike, ARPS, DPAGB, AWPF  (Pembs)  01834 870 210  mikecullis@hotmail.com   L M O SP T W  9,6  *****

# Fearnside, Tim  (West Glam)  tfmapman@aol.com  11,7 ****

Gardiner, Harry, AWPF  (Pembs)  01834 844 257  harry.gardiner@uwclub.net : C  L  M  O  P  S  SP  T  W   34,15  *****

Grindulis, Imants  (Cardiff)  07957 784 709  imants.grindulis@ntlworld.com : O  19,8   *****
NOTE! Due to commitments, Imants is unable to take any more bookings until further notice.

Hibbert, Jenny, MPAGB, EFIAP/b, AWPF (Glamorgan)  01656 722 708 / 07842 821 511  jenny-hibbert@hotmail.co.uk : L  O  W   *  13,9 *****

James, Lyn, LRPS  (Monmouth)  01291 624269 / 07778 001 050  lmjames1@btinternet.com  4,4  ****

James, Trevor,  BA(Hons) Photography,  ARPS, AWPF  (Pentre)  01443 440 285 / 07792 827 972  trevjjames@gmail.com  9,8  ****

Jenkins, Nick, AWPF,  ARPS  (Cardiff)  02920 890 930 / 07876 624 185  nick@freespiritimages.com   9,7  *****

Ledgard, Ian,  AWPF, EFIAP/g, MPSA, GPU-Cr4  (Carms)  01558 823 953  ian.ledgard@talk21.com  14,11 *****

Leslie, Andy  (Llandybie)  01269 851 002 / 07976 209 330  andy.leslie@andyleslie.com  L  M  O  P  PJ  SP  T  W  9,7  **** 

Martin, Gareth, AWPF, CPAGB  (Glamorgan)  01639 790 041 / 07731 656 866  cortez34@virginmedia.com : A  C  CA  D L  M  O  P  SL  SP  T   31,16 *****

Mitchell, Robert, MA Photography (Swansea)  01639 412 650 / 07967 120 504  rob.mitchellma@sky.com  15,11  *****

Penticost, Vince  AWPF  (Gwent)  01495 271 581  vincepenticost@talktalk.net   20,15 *****

Pilot, Bryan, LRPS  (Gwent)  01633 671 581 or 07939 287 211  bryan.pilot@hotmail.com : MC  O  S  W    6,5 *****

Pinches, Martyn, AFIAP, AWPF   (Cardiff)   02920 497257    wpfclubs@imagewales.co.uk 12,8 ***** 
Note! Martin only judges on the night.

#  Ridgwell, John, LRPS  (Gwent)  01495 272 387  johnandcherylridgewell@btinternet.com   9,7  *****

Rogers, Johnnie, ARPS, AFIAP, AWPF, DPAGB  (Gwent)  01633 817 453 / 07814 725 616  johnnierogers1@aol.com :  C L M O W  24,15 *****

Russ, Dennis, LRPS, AFIAP, AWPF, CPAGB, BPE1* (West Glam)  01792 426 556 / 07593 259 030  dennisruss3@gmail.com
C  L  M  MC  O  P  PJ  SL  SP  W  23,16  ****

Russell, Dave, AFIAP  (Cardiff)  029 20 625 850 / 07946 422 325  dave@bronwydd.co.uk  A  C  L  M  O  SL  SP  T  W  11,7  ****

Sharples, Keith, CPAGB, BPE3*, (Monmouth)  01600 716 852  sharplkei@gmail.com : A C CA DR F G L M O P PJ SL T   12,7  *****

Shinner, Gary, LRPS, EFIAP/b, EPSA, AWPF, BPSA  (Llanelli) 07929 782 541 / 01554 752 314  gary_shinnerlrps@sky.com  A  AV  C  CA  L  M  MC  O  P  S  SL  SP  T  W  10,5 *****

Thomas, Roy, APAGB, Hon. FWPF  (West Glam)  01639 644 757 / 07880 710 908  roy17@btinternet.com : C  L  M  O  SL  SP T     22,13  *****

Warren, Chris  (St Clears)  01994 231 899  chris@chriswarrenimages.co.uk  A L M O T   7,6 *****

Woolford, Leigh, FWPF, DPAGB, EFIAP, AWPF, BPE2*   (Mid Glam)  01443 491 333 / 07800 878 782  leigh@coform.com : C  L  M  O  PJ  S  T  33,22 *****

Young, Peter, CPAGB, AFIAP, APAGB  (Blaenau Gwent)  01495 291 074   peterayoung@btinternet.com : A  DR  L  M  O  P  S  SL  T   *  9,7 *****


Supplementary List of Judges

Ashill, Diana LRPS  (Carms)  01558 824662  sjadm@tiscali.co.uk  : L  O  T   5,5 ***

Branchflower, Paul (Swansea)  01792 403406  pjbranchflower@yahoo.com   A  L  O  T  !  NEW JUDGE

#  Byram, Tony, ARPS, AWPF, DPAGB, EFIAP  (Bristol)  01179 561896 / 07702 236777  tonyphoto@blueyonder.co.uk 

Greenhill, Rob  (Mid Glam)  01443 442436 / 07811 442566  robaurdu@fsmail.net   5,3  ***

# Harvey, Robert  (Wilts)  naturalworldphotography.net@gmail.com

Lloyd, Robert D, FRPS, EFIAP, DPAGB  (Mid Glam)  01685 872948  roblloyd3@sky.com : L    1,1

Munro, Ian (Gwent)  01495 309 364 / 07979 103 896  ian.p.munro@hotmail.co.uk  !  2,2

Paskin, David (Llanelli)  mokeyjo@sky.com   01554 403994 / 07450 693870  CA  D  DR  M  O  PJ  SP  T  6,6  ***

#  Preece, Peter,  (Warks)  01527 853444  peterpreece777@btinternet.com

#  Preston Leigh, FRPS, EFIAP, MPAGB  (Glos)  01452 612871  lcl.preston@blueyonder.co.uk

Rees, Ray  (West Glam)  01554 759521  raygw4puc@tiscali.co.uk ! 2,2

Richards, Paul, ARPS, AWPF, DPAGB  (Tenby and Norfolk)  07980 484 378  pjcrichards@pronature.co.uk : L  O  SP  T  W  !  1,1

#  Snook, Ralph, ARPS DPAGB EFIAP (North Bristol)  01454 620817 / 07974 963419  ralph.snook@btinternet.com: A  L  M  MC  O  P  T  W

Stokes, Alan (Mid Glamorgan)  07585 004676 / 01656 660198  alanstokes7@btinternet.com: A  C  CA  D  F  G  L  M  MC  O  P  S  SL  SP  T  W  !  NEW JUDGE